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Communiqué of the Ministry - MALI

 Algeria takes note of this decision and wants to point out the gravity of the matter, especially for Mali, for the whole region that aspires to peace and security, and the international community which has put all its weight and a lot of resources to help Mali restore stability through national reconciliation.


Algeria has a duty to provide information to our brother Malian people. The latter knows that Algeria has never failed to work for the implementation of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali, the outcome of the process of Algiers, with sincerity, good faith and unwavering solidarity towards the sister country Mali.


The Malian people should also know and be convinced that the long list of reasons mentioned in support of the denunciation of the agreement has absolutely nothing to do with the truth.


Indeed, it has not escaped anyone's notice that the Malian authorities had been preparing for this decision for a long time. The warning signs, over the past two years, have been their virtual withdrawal from the agreement, their quasi-systematic refusal of any initiative meant to revive the implementation of the agreement, their challenge to the integrity of the international mediation, the designation of duly acknowledged signatories of the agreement as terrorists, their request for the withdrawal of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), their recent intensification of weapons programmes financed by third countries and their resort to international mercenaries. Those measures, systematically implemented, have carefully prepared the ground to abandon the political option for the military option as a means to settle the Malian crisis.


Our brother Malian people should know that such unfortunate and unwelcome decisions, in the past, have proved that the military option is the first threat to Mali's unity and territorial integrity, and that it bears the seeds civil war in Mali, that it puts off national reconciliation instead of bringing it close and is a source of threat to peace and stability in the region.


Mali is always in need of peace and reconciliation. It has no need for solutions that had brought them, in the past, tearing, destruction and desolation.

Repeating the mistakes of the past is unduly prolonging the tragedy and misfortunes in Mali and for our brother Malian people.

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