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President of the Republic’s ultimate objective is for Algeria to regain greatness

 ALGIERS- The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, affirmed on Saturday evening that his ultimate objective, which is starting to take shape, is for Algeria to regain the greatness that enabled its several past achievements, expressing delight at the Algerians’ satisfaction regarding the ongoing development in their country.

In his periodic interview with representatives of the national media, the President of the Republic thanked all the devoted patriots who watch over the well-being of citizens and improve their daily lives. According to President Tebboune, this is mirrored by the “satisfaction” the Algerians have expressed with their country and the positive developments recorded on all levels.

In this regard, he emphasized that his objective is for Algeria to regain the greatness that enabled it to accomplish achievements in several fields, be they political, diplomatic or backing liberation movements worldwide.

The President of the Republic noted his particular affection for the people, especially the youth, underscoring that the expression “Aami Tebboune,” i.e. Uncle Tebboune, popular among the Algerians, bears testimony to “great respect and a fatherly relationship” that he takes pride in.

He further indicated that the trust he placed in the youth has enabled Algeria to become a leader in the creation of start-ups in Africa, pointing out that he was “the youth’s candidate” in the 2019 presidential election.

Answering a question on his candidacy for the upcoming September 7th presidential election, President Tebboune declared that it was premature to discuss this topic, noting he has five months left of his current term during which he will carry on executing his program and conducting field visits to several provinces nationwide.

With regards to the decision to hold a snap presidential election on 7 September 2024, the President of the Republic said that it came down to “purely technical grounds” that will not impact this event or its process, stressing that foreign circles engaged in conflicting speculations on this topic.

He also addressed the issue of registering the members of the national community abroad on the electoral rolls in preparation for the upcoming presidential election, stating that “starting from next week, they will be able to register on provisional electoral rolls at the Algerian consulates.”

In response to a question about the Algerians living abroad irregularly, who demand to have their status regularized and to obtain passports, President Tebboune affirmed that “this file will be definitively settled within two months’ time,” adding that guidelines have been given for regularizing their status on a case-by-case basis.

Concerning his visit to France, the President of the Republic indicated that it “is still on the agenda,” noting that relations with France “needs to be rebuilt, without compromising on the issue of the Memory file.”

On the socio-economic aspect, the President of the Republic affirmed that the State’s measures taken in advance to ensure the availability of various consumer products enabled prices to remain stable during the holy month of Ramadan, welcoming the adherence of traders and industrialists to implement these measures.

He also said that the value of the national agricultural production stood at $USD35 billion, reflecting 18% of the gross domestic product (GDP), compared to over 5% for the industrial sector.

The President of the Republic touched on the planned salary increases, aiming to double them by 2026/2027, underlining that the GDP will surpass $USD400 billion by the first quarter of 2026.        

After commending the success of the 7th Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), held in Algiers, he pointed out that “we will ramp up investment and production in the field of natural gas.”

Algeria’s next undertaking is to back Palestine attain full membership status in the United Nations Organization.

Internationally, the President of the Republic discussed the Palestinian issue, affirming that “Algeria’s next undertaking is to back Palestine attain full membership status in the UN,” hailing, in this regard, the Algerian diplomacy as “effective and highly regarded.”

“Algeria does not have expansionist ambitions,” he stressed, adding that “it will always stand by the oppressed.”

President Tebboune underscored Algeria’s unwavering stance on the cause of Western Sahara, as an issue of decolonization. “If we use reason instead of threat and force, we will reach a solution,” he added.

With respect to his last meeting with the Maghreb leaders, the President of the Republic said that the Maghreb bloc the countries of the region plan to create is aimed to revive joint Maghreb action and coordinate efforts, with a view to aligning their stances on many international issues, with no country left out.

Touching on the situation in Mali, he said that “the Malians are our brothers and have the freedom to choose to settle their issues without Algeria;” however, “time and again, experiences have shown that foreign interference in local crises do push away any prospect of reaching a solution.”

Algeria “will not give in and will face all provocations,” he reiterated.

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